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Florida villa vacation rental holiday homes, privately owned, available for rental, direct from the owners.

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Disabled Accessible Properties

4 bedroom accessible villa in West Haven, Florida
4 Bedroom Florida Villa in The Abbey at West Haven, near Walt Disney World.

4 bedroom accessible villa in Grand Reserve, Florida
4 Bedroom Florida Villa in Grand Reserve, near Walt Disney World.

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These Florida villa, vacation rental, private holiday homes are available to rent direct from the owners. Use the menu above to select the size of villa in the location you require, then browse through the collection of privately owned villas in Florida.

Why stay in a privately owned Villa in Florida and book with the owners direct?

People who choose to buy their own villa in Florida, usually do so, for their own holidays and as an investment for the future. Their privately owned villa is personally selected. It's theirs and they're proud of it. The owners and their family stay there themselves, so naturally, they want to ensure it's properly equipped and well looked after.

Having decided to offer their private villa for vacation rental, the owners are keen to ensure that guests thoroughly enjoy their stay and do their bit to look after everything while they're there.

When choosing your accommodation, you can make sure it suits your party, rather than being allocated whatever is available. Some people may prefer a private swimming pool. Others may prefer access to a communal swimming pool, so the children can make new friends to play with.

Renting a private villa, you have the whole place to yourselves, and for the duration of your stay, it's your home from home. You may choose to eat in or out, as you prefer. There are all the comforts and facilites of home. Laundry facilities allow you to stay on top of your washing. This means you don't need to take so many clothes away with you and you don't have a pile of washing to do when you get home.

It's much more pleasant to stay in a villa rather than a hotel room. You have more room, more facilities, your own space in which to park your hire car, and you pay for the villa rather than paying for each person.

Owners take pride in their private villa, it's a significant investment, so they keep it well maintained. They usually have a local representative in Florida who can attend to the villa on their behalf.
By booking with the owners direct, you're getting the best value for money and the owners are getting the best rental income, because there are no unnecessary overheads to be covered.

You're dealing directly with the best person to tell you about the property and its facilites, with local knowledge of the area and the surrounding region. They should be able to give you some guidance on where to go for flights, car hire, shopping, where to eat out, places to visit, places to avoid, where to buy tickets, how to get about and approximate journey times.

When dealing with guests direct, owners are usually only too happy to help. They take a personal interest in ensuring that you enjoy your stay in their villa and your holiday is a success. They're hoping that you want to go back to stay there again and recommend their villa to your family and friends.

If anything is missing, broken, lost or damaged during a holiday, the owners always appreciate guests telling them, primarily because it's theirs, but also so that the problem can be resolved for future guests.

By the end of your stay, the owners would like to know that you have: had a great holiday in Florida; thoroughly enjoyed the use of their villa; given them any ideas or improvements you may have for future guests; and hopefully, you'll recommend them to your family, friends and colleagues. With your permission, they'll probably want to publish your feedback as a reference for future guests.

Hey, why would you consider doing anything else?

Florida Regional Maps

Map of North Florida North Florida
Map of Central Florida Central Florida
Map of Cape Canaveral - Cape Canaveral
Map of Orlando & Kissimmee - Orlando & Kissimmee
Map of Tampa - Tampa
Map of South Florida South Florida

Florida Travel Tips

Staying in a Florida Villa

When you first arrive in Florida, ensure that you have a local contact telephone number with you, just in case you can't get into the villa.
Greg, Orlando, UK

Look after the villa and its contents. Remember, the villa is privately owned by someone like you.
Sue, Bolton, UK

Report any breakages to the Management Company, so they can be replaced for you and subsequent guests.
Mike, Bolton, UK

Avoid too much trash, by finding out which days the trash is collected and make sure the bins are ready the night before they are to be emptied.
Jill, Warrington, UK

Conserve energy and keep costs down, by keeping villa windows and doors closed at all times to allow the air conditioning to operate efficiently.
Alan, Bolton, UK

Keep pests out of the villa, by clearing away any food. Don't take any food into the bedrooms.
Jill, Warrington, UK

Keep the barbecue outside the pool screen. This is a Florida State Law.
Annette, Orlando, USA

Don't block the narrow drains, by using too much toilet paper, or disposing of unsuitable items down the toilet.
Greg, Orlando, USA

Make use of the ice maker in the freezer and remember to turn it off at the end of your stay.
Lorraine, Orlando, USA

Pool heat is only really required in Florida from October through to March.
Lorraine, Orlando, USA

Driving in Florida

When you collect your hire car, check if there will be any extra charges if you don't refuel the car before you return it.
Paul, Warrington, UK

When driving to and from the airport, have a few dollars ready for the Central Florida toll roads.
Mike, Bolton, UK

At many traffic signals in Florida, it's okay to turn right when the light is red, so long as there is no conflicting traffic.
Alan, Bolton, UK

There's no license plate on the front of the car, so drive forwards into a parking space so that the license plate at the back of the car can be seen.
Alan, Bolton, UK

Be aware that other vehicles using the roads in Florida, may pass you on either side.
Jill, Warrington, UK

When a Florida school bus stops to allow people to get on or off, traffic stops in both directions.
Lorraine, Orlando, USA

Eating Out

Save 10% or so off your bill at diners, by using discount vouchers from Florida local area guides. You can often find them near the diner exit.
Jill, Warrington, UK


Save money at the Florida supermarket by asking for a loyalty card which provides discounts on most products.
Jill, Warrington, UK

Exchange American travellers checks into cash, by using your checks when paying at the till.
Jill, Warrington, UK

Visiting Florida Theme Parks

As you approach the car park, have between $6 and $8 ready to pay for parking.
Natalie, Warrington, UK

The car parks are enormous, so remember your car park location, otherwise you can spend hours looking for your car.
John, Warrington, UK

Take a bottle of water into the park with you and keep refilling it from water fountains.
Jill, Warrington, UK

If it starts to rain, don't leave the park. The rain soon stops in Florida and the park may not be as busy as it was before.
Alan, Bolton, UK

To save time queueing, make sure you get FastTrack tickets for the most popular rides. When you've used them, get some for the next ride straight away, then spend the time inbetween going on less popular rides.
Jill, Warrington, UK

Bypass long queues by using Single Rider Lines, if you don't mind riding separately.
Paul, Warrington, UK

Keeping In Touch

Buy a phone card, for any non-local calls. You dial a free phone number, enter your PIN from the back of the card, then enter the phone number you wish to call.
Lorraine, Orlando, USA

Access the Internet free of charge, at the local Florida library.
Greg, Orlando, USA
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Orlando & Kissimmee

These villas are conveniently located near to Disney, in Orlando and Kissimmee, Central Florida. Almost every villa has a private, screened swimming pool which can be heated when required. In central Florida, pool heat is usually recommended between October and March.

Every villa listed here is located near to all the major attractions of central Florida. Each villa is close to Walt Disney World, Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, MGM Studios, Epcot, Blizzard Beach, Typhoon Lagoon, Universal Studios, Universal Islands of Adventure, Sea World, Wet 'n Wild and all the other attractions which are to be found near to Orlando and Kissimmee.

In Florida, villas are available in a range of different sizes. As a general guide, a villa with 3 bedrooms sleeps 6 to 8 people, a villa with 4 bedrooms sleeps 8 to 10 people, a villa with 5 bedrooms sleeps 10 to 12 people and a villa with 6 bedrooms sleeps 12 to 14 people.

Orlando & Kissimmee Area Guide


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Where to find Kissimmee Kissimmee

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Where to find MGM Studios - MGM Studios - Privately owned vacation rental holiday homes and charter yachts around the world.
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